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Sustaining life on earth: Arts-based responses to the lived experiences of COVID-19



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FSU IRB Approved

9 June 2020

Invitation to Participate as Co-Researchers in an Arts-Based Research Study

Title: Sustaining life on earth: Arts-based responses to the lived experiences of COVID-19


Purpose: To study in-depth lived experiences of our global community during the COVID-19 pandemic by

collecting arts-based and narrative responses from global arts-based research scholars.

Research questions we are asking:

o What is your lived experience of and relationship to the pandemic?

o How would you express and portray your lived experience of change during and/or after the pandemic restrictions?


What you will do as a co-researcher: As a co-researcher you will be asked to create one or more arts-based and narrative response to one or both of the research questions.

  • You will be asked to create an arts-based response in the artistic genre of your choice (e.g. visualarts, dance, drama, poetry, music, or multi-media). We suggest that you have experience with and knowledge of the artistic medium they use for your arts-based response.

  • You will be asked to include one or more brief descriptions or narratives about your arts-basedresponses (600 words). The narrative will describe reflections on the process and outcome of the arts-based response relative to the research questions.

  • You will be asked to submit one and possibly more iterations of your arts-based and narrativeresponses for inclusion as part of an evolving arts-based assemblage and narrative synthesis to be posted initially on a private and in final form on a public social media forum.

  • Your participation is estimated to be over a period of 3-6 months with multiple iterations as the data is collected, assembled, and evaluated for its depth, emotional impact and aesthetic power,and social framing. You are free to participate in one or more phases of this project.

You can participate if:

  • You have experience with arts-based research

  • You have provided contact information to the Arts-Based Research Global Consortium

  • You have experience with one or more artistic genre

Are their risks and benefits?

Risks: We consider the risks to be minimal since you have experience in the arts-based research processes required for this study. Your participation in this study includes the connection of your name with your arts-based and narrative submission so confidentiality or anonymity may not be possible at all phases of the study. Also, it isunlikely but possible that, due to t he topic being explored you may experience some emotional or embodied

responses. If you do have an extreme emotional response we would understand if you decided not to participate further and that you sought the help you needed.

Benefits: We consider benefits for you to include: joining an active supportive arts-based research community that is actively addressing a current global public health crisis; exploring, understanding, and expressing lived experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic; and, collectively providing emotional voices and insight that resonate

with many others throughout the global community. You will also have the opportunity to be listed as a co-author of the final synthesis, exhibit/performance and publication.


Would you like to participate? Please send an email stating your wish to participate to ABRcovid19@cfa.fsu.edu and we will schedule a meeting to review the study with you. Please forward

this announcement to colleagues who meet the inclusion criteria and might be interested!!

Thank you!